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When do you need to go for an air condition repair in Bixby?


When do you need to go for an air condition repair in Bixby?

Do you know when to call for repair of your air conditioning unit? Answer the questions below to determine when to call for air condition repair in Bixby:

Is the air conditioning unit emitting warm air? This is the first and most obvious problem. Check temperature settings. If this seemed not the problem, then this can be because the Freon of your unit has run low. The reason could also be a defective system compressor.

Is it difficult to hear each other when the air conditioning unit is on? A lot of noise could mean various things. Some components of the unit may have loosened or the motor is broken. It could also indicate that some parts may need lubrication.

Does some part of the room seemed colder while others are not? If you answer yes, this could indicate problems with the thermostat. No matter how you adjust, it seemed insufficient to equalize the temperature inside the room.

Is there water or moisture where there is none before? Normally, there should be no moisture or water coming out of the unit when you turn it on and left it after a period of time. When this happens, you should call outright call for repair because this could mean leaking of the refrigerant. It could also indicate that the tube that drains the condensation is broken or blocked.

Do you smell a strange odor when you turn on the AC? Normally, there should be no odor that would come from the AC, unless you have an air freshener right beside it. However, if you do smell something other than that of your air freshener from the unit, this could mean accumulation of dust inside the unit or the presence of molds.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to call for repair to avoid further breakdown and health problems. Call 918-322-9548 and get a free quote for the air conditioning service you need.

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